Zumbro Falls City Council Meeting - January 11, 2023


Zumbro Falls City Council Minutes - January 11, 2023

The Zumbro Falls City Council met at City Hall at 6PM on January 11, 2023. The clerk read the Oath of Office to new council members. Reelected mayor, Bruce Heitmann, reelected council person, Sara Anderson, and council elected council person, Bob Benson. Phil Dennison was not at the meeting but has agreed to be the council elected Treasurer. Council elected members will serve until the next official election in 2024. Jason Faas will continue his position as Planning and Zoning Administrator but declined his position as treasurer.

Clerk read the minutes of the December 2022 meeting followed with acceptance by a motion from Bankers, seconded Anderson, all in favor, carried.

Clerk also reported financials to council which after discussion were accepted with a motion from Benson, seconded Anderson, all in favor carried.

Fire Chief, Scott Kennedy, told council that the new Captains are Philip Heitmann and Matt Poncelet. The Fire Department is looking to replace the Grass Truck since the body of the truck is deteriorating. The Township meeting will be held on February 16 th and the Annual Supper will be held on February 18 th.

Donations: Charles and Bernetta Haeska $100.00, Bill and Pat Rolsch $100.00, Glenn Hasse Jr. $1,000.00, and Gary Roberson, and Rebecca Siems for $200.00. These were donations to the Heroes Memorial. Emery Bremer $200.00, Olmsted Medical $200.00 and Thorn and Naomi Mangold for $250.00 to be used for Office Supplies for the Fire Department. The Zumbro Falls Fire Relief Association donated $90.000.00 to the City for the Fire Truck Fund. All donations listed were accepted with a motion from Bankers, seconded Anderson, all in favor, carried.

Resolution #23-01 City Schedule of Fees for year 2023. Changes made to include the City Club license at $350.00 and to increase a few costs for tanker #10 from $150.00 to $200.00, Ranger from $100.00 to $250.00, Boat use from $100.00 to $250.00 and the per hour firefighter from $15.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour. Motion made by Anderson, seconded Benson, all in favor, carried.

Motion by Benson, seconded Bankers with all in favor, put the following in place for 2023.

Official City paper, Lake City Paper, Insurance Agency, Lakeshore Agency, City Bank Minnwest Bank, City Attorney Hoff Barry and Kozar, Bolten and Menk, City Engineering Firm, Acting Mayor, Paul Bankers, Weed Inspector, Bruce Heitmann, Fire Relief Trustees, Mayor and City Clerk, and Posting places, Post Office, Buck Wild, Falls Standard and Rod’s Service.

Motion to pay all bills presented and the meeting to adjourn was made by Anderson, seconded Benson,

all in favor, carried.

Submitted by,

Susan Eischens, Clerk


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