This is why you'd pick a diesel in 2024

Edmunds reports that, according to the EPA, diesel fuel is cleaner than ever and the low-torque power is great for towing.
Driving Toward Sustainability: 3 Considerations for Sustainable Tires
(BPT) - In today's world, environmental consciousness is a driving force behind consumer purchase decisions for everyday items like clothing, housewares and even tires. With sustainability on the …
Mercury Insurance Expert Offers Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Insurance Fraud
(BPT) - While inflation continues to drive up home and auto insurance costs, fraud is a hidden culprit contributing to the hikes. Whether you’re an actual victim of insurance fraud or simply an …
Private car purchases unveiled: Your 8-step guide to a successful transaction
(BPT) - So, you’re ready to buy your next car. Are you considering going through a private seller? If you haven’t bought a car from a private seller before, you may have some concerns and …
Nonprofit celebrates $250 million in donations for childhood cancer research
(BPT) - Every 36 minutes a child in the United States is diagnosed with cancer. In fact, it’s the number one cause of death by disease in children in this country. With major treatment …
Electrify Your Ride with Award-Winning EVs and Hybrids
(BPT) - The future of automotive is electric, but if you’re not ready for all-electric vehicles, there are several hybrid models available to help ease you into electrification. Kia America …
New York Auto Show Features the Latest in Automotive
(BPT) - The New York International Auto Show highlighted all the latest in the world of automotive. Kia unveiled the all new 2025 Kia K4, which is elevating the compact sedan with more room, …

Survey: How drivers are managing auto insurance premium increases

Experian surveyed consumers about their auto insurance premium costs and reasons for steady increases.

A closer look at how heavy electric trucks are gaining a foothold in the US transportation industry—and how we got here

Truck Parking Club examined International Energy Agency data to compare the American adoption of heavy electric freight trucks to that of other countries.

These car manufacturers are making the most progress in cutting carbon emissions

The General examined Environmental Protection Agency data to see which car manufacturers made the most progress in reducing CO2 emissions in 2023.

Understanding seat belt tickets and their impact on car insurance rates

Cheap Insurance explains how seat belts save lives and also can save you money on car insurance.

The best EV charging apps

Edmunds reports on the apps that help electric vehicle drivers know where to get the charged up.

Which generations are the most and least obsessed with electric cars? taps into Statista data to determine which generation loves EVs the most.

Here are the top-selling used cars in the United States

CoPilot analyzed national sales data to uncover the 50 top-selling used cars in the United States

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Rockstar Energy Drink Wants to Give You Cash Back at the Pump to Fuel Your Summer Road Trip
Rockstar Energy Drink Wants to Give You Cash Back at the Pump to Fuel Your Summer Road Trip
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CarGurus walks potential sellers through the steps of determining the value of a car and getting it sold.
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Cheap Insurance provides advice on how to handle rodent damage to your car and how to avoid it in the future.
Choose the Right Tires for Your Ride
(Family Features) There are many factors to consider when you need new tires for your car, truck or SUV. If you think it may be time to replace your tires, consider this expert advice to make the right decision.
Carmakers are making more hybrid vehicles than ever. Here's who is dominating the market.
The General examined data collected from the Environmental Protection Agency to see which car manufacturers produced the most hybrid vehicles in 2023.
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What are roads made of? A pavement materials engineer explains the science behind the asphalt you drive on

While on the road, you’re probably thinking more about your destination than the pavement you’re driving over. But building roads requires a host of engineering feats, from developing the right pavement materials to using heavy equipment to lay them down. …

What’s in a VIN? How to decode the vehicle identification number, your car’s unique fingerprint

Every vehicle built after 1981 has a unique vehicle identification number, or VIN. The location of this string of letters and numbers varies, but it’s located somewhere on every car, SUV, motorcycle and truck – typically on a small metal plate or a sticker. ...

Need Auto Glass Repair? Don’t Despair

Need Auto Glass Repair? Don’t Despair
(NewsUSA) - Everyone with a car needs auto glass repair at some point, but it need not be an expensive or stressful process. Cracks larger than 10 inches can reduce vision of the road in front …

Too dark? Can car window tint be illegal?

Cheap Insurance reports on auto window tinting and how it affects drivers in different states.

Car manufacturers with the highest overall fuel economy in 2023

The General examined EPA data to see which car manufacturers had the highest overall fuel economy in 2023 and how it's changed over time.