Missy's Managing the Manor

Two days of organizing!


Mike and Monty were supposed to be gone on their yearly snowmobile trip to Michigan, but mother nature did not cooperate. They headed up to our cabin for a weekend with friends, while I had already scheduled my friend Tricia who owns Tidy Solutions to come and help me do some more organizing and decluttering. Tricia helped me for two days last year while they were away. We accomplished so much work last year, this year I wanted to concentrate on our storage room, my closet, and have her look over the organizing we did last year.

Sunday morning, we started out in my closet, and paired down clothes I no longer need or wear including a bunch of sweaters and cardigans, shoes, and purses. Tricia takes away the donation pile for you. By noon, we were on our way to organize the basement. We went through decorations, winter boots and coats, some of Monty’s old toys, you know normal stuff that is kept in a storage room. When all-of-a-sudden, a mouse popped out! I could probably write a whole story about the minor mouse situation, but I’ll keep it short. My dad came over to our rescue.

Monday, we finished up the storage room and moved on to the kitchen pantry, where my mouse friend decided to have a spaghetti party (they opened a new bag of spaghetti to nibble on). They obviously started out in the pantry and headed to the basement. I was grumbling the whole time, but thanks to Tricia, she kept me focused. Everything was back to normal, and we were done working by noon. I had made a list of little projects I would still like to complete, broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Stay tuned for next month’s topic: My favorite storage/organizing items

There’s so much to do, so little time. Bye for now!