A Strong Immune System


As we move into the winter months, there is a steady increase in colds and flu reported throughout the country. This yearly cycle of illness has become almost routine to the point that many expect to get sick and just believe it is an unavoidable fact of human existence. However, another amazing fact about human existence is the complex immune system existing in each one of us. Your immune system is the built-in defense process that works to keep you alive. Without this immune system, you would not be alive today. This system is constantly guarding against germs and invaders that want to take advantage of you. We need to become more aware of how this immune system works and how to support the important work it does.

White blood cells are the “troops” on the front line of your immune system. There are many types of white blood cells, just like there are different branches of the military. Each type of white blood cell does a specific job to protect your body. Just like our military men and women, these white blood cells need food to be able to keep doing their job well. When specific nutrients get limited, then the white blood cells will not be able to complete the job well. To keep your front line “troops” in top condition for the winter season, you need to make sure these cells are getting the nutrients they need.

Some of the key nutrients include:

VITAMIN C – one of the least expensive vitamins on the market and an essential nutrient to help the white blood cells eliminate bacteria and germs. Early in the COVID pandemic Vitamin C in high doses was identified as a helpful nutrient to reduce symptoms. Intravenous Vitamin C was used in hospitals to help reverse the downward health spiral of many patients. Best food sources of Vitamin C include: Bell peppers, broccoli, kiwi, whole oranges, and strawberries. Vitamin C chewable tables with bioflavonoids will be a higher quality choice for supplement. I do not recommend orange juice because the high sugar content of the juice will make the white blood cells sluggish.

VITAMIN D – is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for balanced cell activity. This vitamin is able to enter the nucleus of the cell to turn on and off important processes. We learned from the pandemic that those individuals who had 30 ng/ml or higher of Vitamin D in their blood did not need to go into the Intensive Care of the hospital for COVID treatment. Sources of Vitamin D include: Cod Liver Oil, Goose liver, salmon, sardines, and whole eggs. The whole food choices listed are preferred to any fortified food source. More resources on Vitamin D are available at www.grassrootshealth.net.

ZINC – is an essential mineral for an strong immune system. Current descriptions of virus infections suggest that a virus takes over a cell and forces it to replicate more virus particles. The COVID virus is described to produce excess spike proteins which begin to cause damage in the body. Zinc helps to stop this replication process before it gets out of control. Zinc is also essential for constructing the proteins that will fight against bacteria. Best food sources for zinc include: Beef, lamb, lentils, pepitas, and cashews. A zinc tablet of 15 mg / day is another way to supplement if you do not eat these food sources regularly.

While sugar is known as an energy source, it does not help the immune cells to get more work done. A 1973 study observed that when white blood cells were exposed to glucose sugar they slowed down and remained sluggish for up to 5 hours. The same study observed the cells were most actively attacking bacteria when there had been no sugar around for 24-36 hours. As you move into the holiday season, be attentive to how frequently treats are consumed and pay attention to your body signals. A glass of water will help your immune system more than another candy.

You only get one body in this lifetime. Make sure you take good care of it and do not wear it out sooner than necessary.

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