"Back To My Roots"


The Mazeppa Area Historical Society is in hopes of bringing the 1896 man-drawn hose cart back home to Mazeppa to be shared & displayed for all to see.

The hose cart was used by the Mazeppa volunteer firefighters in the late 19th century and continued into the 1900’s. It was purchased by the City Council from the Waterous Engine Works Company on April 11, 1896 at a cost of $70, plus $4.20 in freight charges.

The Mazeppa Area Historical Society became aware of the cart’s existence and current location, the Olmsted County History Center through an old newspaper article referring to the cart being donated to the Olmsted County History Center in 1945, and its origin being Mazeppa. At that time no other local history centers were in existence. The man-drawn hose cart is currently being stored in the barn and hasn’t been on display since 2010 at the Day’s of Yesteryear.

The man-drawn hose cart will be in the Mazeppa Daze Parade on Friday, July 7 at 7 p.m.

The Mazeppa Area Historical Society recently purchased an empty lot east of their current building. Working with the Mazeppa Fire Dept. both are hoping to build a building to house the “HOSE CART & a 1953 Fire Truck,” along with other displays from our crowded current building.

The estimated cost for a new building would be approximately $70,000 or more. The MAHS are currently looking for any tax-deductible donation, doing fundraisers & applying for grants.

The mission of the Mazeppa Area Historical Society shall be the collection, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Mazeppa & surrounding area’s

The MAHS wishes are to bring the hose cart home to be seen & displayed & not be in a barn.

An anonymous donor giving $5,000 in March towards a new building that has instigated our desire to proceed!

Any donations can be sent to Faye Gabrielson (treasurer) at 64605 County Road 68, Lake City, Mn. 55041. Any questions you can call Helen Reiland at 507-250-6021