Business Highlight: Rhonda’s Hair Care


Rhonda Sand, Owner of Rhonda’s Hair Care, opened the doors to her salon 40 years ago, this June. As I made my way up the walkway the well-tended landscape is what set the tone before I entered into a space of relaxation, the chic aesthetic of the space welcomed me further inside. I was quickly greeted by staff and soon after a sweet, familiar voice telling me to make myself comfortable as she would be right out. Rhonda is the owner of a successful full-service salon and has been in business for the last 40 years; what an accomplishment to be proud of. Rhonda passed her boards at the young age of twenty and graduated cosmetology school in 1982. Growing up she enjoyed working with her hands and appreciated making others feel good about themselves by highlighting their best features. After graduation Rhonda started out in the beauty industry as a stylist in a salon for about a year and a half. It was not long before Rhonda was presented with an opportunity she could not refuse; one that would ultimately change her entire life. Knowing the risk involved with being a small business owner Rhonda made the decision to go for it anyway. At the time Joe and Rhonda were renting a house next door when they were approached by Gloria Camp, a business owner from the area whom had known Joe personally. Gloria offered for Rhonda to take over her salon and continue to offer beauty services here in town. Had the stars not aligned just the way they had, when they had, Rhonda may have never had the opportunity to run the risk and life as she knows it could have ended up very different. During the purchase of the business Rhonda went on to complete her managers hours and obtain the required permits and licenses needed to make her dream a reality. Rhonda graciously opened her doors to the public on June 14th, 1984 and has brought such a beautiful full-service salon to this charming rural community. Rhonda continues to offer expert services at an affordable price including mani-pedi’s, cutting, perming, foiling, coloring, facial waxing, and styling. Rhonda also carries premium hair care products for purchase, she currently carries Matrix/Biolage and Kendra product lines. The shop is located at 120 1st Avenue North in Mazeppa and to book an appointment you are encouraged to contact the ladies by phone at 507.843.5912. As most of Rhonda’s clients know she has a deep passion for interior decorating and routinely remodels and moves furniture, and walls around to create an ever-changing space to keep up with the many trends. Originally the shop was positioned in the back of the building but after much effort and expense the salon was brought up to the front of the house where it is today. Most of Rhonda’s career has been independently running her salon and she has always kept an open mind as the shop continues to evolve and opportunities arise. In May of 1986 Deb Duncan came to work for Rhonda until the summer of 1990 when Deb branched off on her own right up the road in Zumbro Falls; Rhonda and Deb have remained close friends ever since. In July of 2018 Josie Hofschulte rented a space from Rhonda as a stylist until she became a fulltime employee at Mayo Clinic in December 2021. When Josie joined the team the tanning room became a thing of the past as the mani-pedi area was then put in it’s place. Meg Starkson filled the role as nail technician in 2011 and worked at the shop until 2014. Around that same time Carrie Blanck started her practice as a nail technician and continues to offer the community her skilled services. Rhonda truly appreciates these incredible women and all that they have brought to the salon in its 40 years of service to the community. Rhonda has had many clientele come and go for various reasons over her many years in business. She remembers her very first customer on record, Scott Sheridan, who since has moved from the area, but Rhonda still takes care of his sister Molly and parents Ron and Bonnie. Looking through her old appointment books and reminiscing of her earlier days she remembers so many of the individuals who have been with her from the very beginning and can’t possible list them all in fear of forgetting someone, but she hopes that each of them knows just how greatly appreciated they are as they are more than just great clients to her, but also amazing friends. So many have passed away throughout her 40 years, may they rest in peace, they are certainly not forgotten. Rhonda would like to say 'Thank You' to all who have patronized her salon at some point in her career and appreciates the continued support she receives from you all. Rhonda is very familiar with the challenges of being self employed. The experience came with long hours and she had to have self discipline in the first half of her career, but having the flexibility to rearrange her schedule as needed as the kids got older was such a blessing. Joe and Rhonda Sand eventually bought the entire building and made it into not only a successful business but also a happy home. They have three beautiful children, Ben, Ozzie, and Clare, who are all married and in total they have seven grandchildren. Family is what motivates Rhonda and is her biggest reward in life. Rhonda shared with me that her biggest thank you goes to her husband Joe, for always being at her side throughout her career and picking up the pieces when she needed him most. Rhonda enjoys partaking in her hobbies of painting, knitting, flowers, and gardening during her time away from the salon.