Clerk Chatter


Clerk Chatter:

I never used to worry about snow. If I could drive down the road to get to work… or not, was really the only decision that I had. Since I have worked for the City, I have found there are many issues regarding snow. How much Snow? Will the public works employees be able to make it to work to plow? IF not, who will step in? Do we need to get outside help to haul snow? Will the next snow affect how and when we plow this one so we can keep the streets clear? Will we have equipment failure? Is there enough room at the park to pile the snow? How many calls will we get for something that was drifted in, or missed, or dropped on the road?

The Mazeppa public works staff does a great job of planning for all of these, but no one can plan for everything. The City also has equipment and manpower constraints that they deal with. Their plan to clear snow works well, and unfortunately, not every type of road, alley, or sidewalk can be the top priority. Sometimes conditions or equipment breakdowns mean that it the snow furrow at the edge of the road is more dense, or an alley or cul-de-sac takes a bit more time to get back into for touch up or further cleanup. We appreciate your calls, because without that information, we may not know that something is an issue. Please have patience, we will get there as soon as we can.