Clerk Chatter


As the weather warms, the City will be alive with many projects. Nuvera is completing the fiber optic project began last year. Xcel Energy is replacing poles on major powerlines going through Mazeppa and the City will be doing more sidewalk upgrades, repairing potholes, sealcoating some streets, and begin the riverbank restoration along the Zumbro River. There is a lot of planning, discussion, finding available funds that go into many of these projects. Seeing physical progress on projects is very satisfying after months and years of work to get to this point. Some people have already expressed a great deal of interest in the riverbank project and when it will be completed. Work is being in the stream to create structure, habitat, and flow which will result in better fishing and less riverbank erosion. This project also will protect homes and City infrastructure in southeast Mazeppa.

Please be careful when observing these projects. Stay back from equipment and workers. We want residents to be interested in City improvements, but we also need everyone to be back safe distances. City staff and hired contractors appreciate the opportunity to work safely.