Clerk Chatter


Once again, winter is upon us. Every year we prepare for moving and stock piling snow. Our crews come in very early with each snowfall over 2 inches to clear the streets, alleys, and paths around the community. The order that is followed for snow removal has been developed over the years based on traffic and parking. When we come back to widen or clean up certain area, we may leave a snow ridge at the end of the driveway, but we cannot always get everything plowed and final cleanup done before homeowners begin cleaning their own driveways and sidewalks. Last year, we had some weather conditions that left rough hardpack on some streets for weeks. We update equipment and methods to avoid those situations, but sometimes they do happen, and we also must rely on Mother Nature to give us a hand to get things clear once more.

Remember, our staff are using large equipment in tough conditions. They appreciate traffic courtesy while they are working. Please be observant and give them room to be able to maneuver.