Clerk Chatter


Complaining about the weather is timeless and unproductive, and we all do it. I am a bit of a winter activities enthusiast, and this year has been a bust for winter recreational activities. Many communities have had to cancel or modify some activities associated with winter festivals or charity events. But some clouds have a silver lining. The City has saved a quite a sum in snow removal and overtime costs. Less plowing means there have been fewer times that the maintenance crew has put a snow ridge at the end of your driveway, and less times that you have had to shovel the sidewalk in front of your home. I am superstitiously “knocking on wood” to hope we have reasonable precipitation for the rest of the snow season and avoid the localized flooding that occurs in some areas and the inconveniences it creates for the affected property owners. However, the drought in our area persists. Last year we did not suggest water use restrictions, but the City did cut its water usage in the parks and ball fields.

So here is to wishful thinking! Hoping for, praying for gentle, abundant rains as we move from winter to spring, and avoiding a stockpile of snow that can create problems.