Clerk Chatter


As warmer weather approaches, I like to think of relaxing outdoors, enjoying my flower gardens in bloom, and generally being at peace. However, what I also see are PROJECTS. Most are mundane, moving a perennial or two, edging a flowerbed, maybe adding mulch to the landscaping. Others seem overwhelming. Re-siding the house, replacing a window, and cleaning the garage all seem to be the scary monster I don’t want to meet.

At the City, its very much the same. There are always more projects than funding. I can think of several sidewalks that need rehabilitation, streets that need rebuilding or resurfacing, and stormwater projects that would improve safety and conveniences for motorists and homeowners. We try to select some of each type of project to keep progressing the overall livability of the community. Some projects must wait to be done in conjunction with others. When parts of the wastewater collection system are upgraded, those areas will see other improvements that had to wait for the underground items to be completed. The plan is always to have problem free projects and that the outcomes are everything we expect.

The City is always observing and evaluating to determine what we can do next and how to fund it. Much the same many of us do while sitting on our patio trying to relax, constantly observing what needs to be done next.