Clerk Chatter


The City of Mazeppa’s annual Cleanup Day is scheduled for May 4, 2024, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. This event gives all residents the opportunity to bring items that are not readily disposed of in weekly trash pickup. The event is paid for by an annual fee of $15.00 charged on your sewer and water bill. Even with the limitations on how many items can brought and charges some items, this is a great deal to residents. Fliers will be sent to residents and posted in the community about what is accepted. I would encourage all residents to use the Cleanup Event to jumpstart property cleanup. Every year we remind people that items stored in the open can be in violation of nuisance ordinances. Unlicensed vehicles sitting in yards, stacks of pallets, and tattered temporary tarp sheds should not be sitting in your yard in public view. Take the initiative to get rid of what you can at the Cleanup Event and make some calls on those items we cannot take, there are salvage companies that will pick up junk autos or bring out a dumpster for old construction debris. Make the most of the opportunity to keep our community clean and inviting.