Clerk Chatter


I have a dog that can open the screen door. When she does, instantly 2 of my dogs are running through the neighborhood. I know that they will come back on their own, but I still grab a leash, a waste bag, then follow them though the neighborhood alternately calling and cursing at my dogs. The think the neighbors get a chuckle watching these antics ,but I track them down, pick up any waste they may have left behind and catch or chase them to home. A dog running loose is against ordinance, and sometimes mishaps occur. I take an action to get back into compliance because I do not want a neighbor’s child to be frightened by the dogs, or for my dogs to antagonize other dogs.

Compliance with ordinance is about keeping peace and maintaining safety. Sometimes things get away from us, dogs slip away from containment, a person doesn’t get around to hauling discarded items from the yard, the grass doesn’t get mowed, or sidewalks remain unshoveled. We still must take care of those situations, to bring properties back into compliance with ordinance. The City doesn’t want to send reminders to people that these things have to be done. The City sends notices to clean up your yard or contain animals because it’s our responsibility to maintain peace and safety. Please do your part. Maintain your property and keep your animals constrained. If you have a question about ordinance you can call us at City Hall, or check it on the City’s website.