Healthy Fats


As I mentioned last month, we live in a world where what is considered normal is not healthy. It is normal to see a variety of “low fat” and “fat free” products at the grocery store. We have been told these products will support our health, but since the introduction of this concept in the 1970s there has been a significant increase in chronic illnesses, increased weight, and mental illness. While these “low fat” products may be normal today, they are not the food our grandparents grew up on and they are not promoting better health for us today.

Fat from healthy sources will promote health in the human body. Grass fed beef, pastured free-range chickens, and dairy cows that can graze on fresh pasture provide quality fat in the meat, eggs, and dairy. These sources of fat were essential to the pioneers that established the states that make up this country. The human body uses this fat for fuel and for developing the hormones necessary to keep the body healthy and the brain active. All the nerve cells of the human body are made of fat, which helps to insulate the signal pathways so clear communication can pass from cell to cell. The heart prefers fat for fuel, and reproduction is dependent on quality fat to sustain the significant activity of supporting new life in the womb. Quality fat sustains life.

Another significant factor associated with quality fat is the fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E are absorbed with fat into the body to activate cellular activity, strengthen bones, and defend cells from harmful chemicals. Most Americans are deficient in these four vitamins because they do not choose the food sources that contain these important vitamins. Here are some of the top food sources for these fat-soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A – Top sources include liver, salmon, goat cheese, butter, eggs, cream cheese, whole milk, and cod liver oil. Vegetables like sweet potato, kale, and carrots contain beta-carotene which the body can transform into active vitamin A, but requires a longer process compared to the active vitamin A from the animal sources.

Vitamin D – Top sources include salmon, halibut, sardines, canned tuna, egg yolks, and cod liver oil. Your own body can make Vitamin D but this requires regular exposure to the sun, which is impossible to do in the northern states for half of the year.

Vitamin E – Top sources include sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, peanuts, goose, and rainbow trout. Wheat germ was the source where vitamin E was first discovered and is an important reason to consider eating whole grain products.

Vitamin K – Top sources include collard greens, spinach, kale, chicken breast, sauerkraut, kefir, gouda, blue cheese, and egg yolks.

These quality fat sources will provide essential nutrients your body can thrive on. Circle the food items you already use regularly and underline those food items you are willing to try. Combining these food items together into a savory dish will provide you with a satisfying, nutritious meal.

More than 100 years ago, Dr. Weston Price researched the effects of the modern food preparations that were beginning to advance through the western culture of Europe and the United States. He documented his research in the book, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.” In cultures all around the world, he discovered the importance of quality fat to sustain a society. When the culture moved toward more processed foods, more “low fat” foods, and more convenient foods, the result was increased cavities, increased need for braces on teeth, and decreased fertility. These are all the symptoms we see in today’s modern living. You can find out more about Dr. Price’s work and the thriving community that is applying the principles he discovered at

Make your health a priority in 2024. Change is required, but the outcome is worth the effort. Little changes can make a big difference over time. Adding quality fat sources can be one of those little changes. If you would like to pursue a healthy lifestyle and increase longevity, I can help you start a plan.

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