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THE MAZEPPA JOURNAL, Editor and Publisher: Barbara and Reider Tommeraas




Peter John Reiland of Rivera, Calif., passed away Tuesday morning at Rochester Methodist Hospital at the age of 75, from cancer. He had been ill since May.

Mr. Reiland, son of Mike and Veronica Reiland, was born June 14, 1880 in Pine Island Township, and attended country school. He was married at Wabasha Nov. 23, 1905, to Agnes Baker, who survives with two stepdaughters, Mrs. Ina Rovelstad of Red Wind and Mrs. Bessie Jones of Mazeppa.

Also surviving are one sister, Mrs. Susan Clemens, a sister-in-law, Mrs. Matt Reiland and brother-in-law, George A. Swanson of Hager City, Wis., and eight nieces and nephews. A twin sister and brother Matt preceded him in death.

Mr. Reiland resided at Pine Island and Mazeppa until 1942, when he went to California and worked in the Richmond ship yards, and later at Rivera.

Pallbearers were Nick Smith, Jim Smith, Nick Reiland, John Reiland, Bernard Reiland and Arthur Reiland. Interment was in the Mazeppa Catholic cemetery.

Mr. Reiland had a host of friends in Mazeppa, and came back here to visit every year after making his home in California. He will be missed by all who knew him.

***Peter Reiland and Nick Brucher were in the real estate business: their slogan was “WE SELL DIRT CHEAP”


Richard Alan Whipple, 16-day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Whipple of Rochester, died of congenital heart disease Monday evening at St. Mary’s hospital, where the child was born Dec. 4.

Survivors, in addition to the parents, are a brother, Ronald Edward; sisters Suzanne Kay and Nancy Jean; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nash of Wykoff and grandmother, Mrs. Mary Whipple of Zumbro Falls.

Funeral services were conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the R.C. Ranfranz and Son Funeral Home by the Rev. Walter W. Eifert, and burial was in Oakwood cemetery.

Hope He Makes It

Thanks to information from Harvey Tri, we note that Kerwin Engelhart, former Mazeppan, is one of 27 outstanding Air Force basketball players approved for the Olympic tryout program the AF is conducting. By Dec. 22, when the AF team plays its first game at Bunker Hill, AFB Ind., the group will be about 12 strong. The inter-service tryout tourney will be not later than Mar. 21, and the winning team will select the final 14 players to meet AAU and college hoopsters in the final Olympic tryouts. Lt. Engelhart has been stationed Yokota AB, Japan.


Town Team To Play Goodhue Friday

The newly organized Mazeppa town basketball team will meet Goodhue’s town team here this Friday evening at the high school gym. Game time has been set for 8 p.m.

Admission is 35c for adults, 15c students and Grades 1-6 free.

The team has had two practice games to date and prospects for future games seem bright. The visiting Goodhue five is expected to give the Mazeppa squad a real ball game and everyone is invited to be on hand for a good night’s entertainment.

J.Walter Manahan Patents Hand Truck

Two and a half years of hard work, experiments and more experiments were successfully accomplished this week for J. Walter Manahan of Mazeppa who patented a new type hand truck that is more efficient and handles easier than models in existence at the present.

The new hand truck works on the principle of a tilt and lift with a controlled center of balance through a method of shifting fulcrum which enables operator to handle a 1,000 pound plus load with comparative ease not attained with present modes. It is also made with an interchangeable platform whereby same carriage may be used for bags, packages, brick, tile or cement blocks.

Mr. Manahan started work on the project two and half years ago having experienced difficulty with present hand truck models in warehouse work. The thought occurred to him then that a more efficient and more easily handled model could be made. After much thought, hundreds of hours of hard work, delays, and failures, the present successful model was finally made.

Quentin Majerus of Bellechester, development engineer for Mr. Manahan, has, according to the latter, been of inestimable assistance in helping bring the project to a successful conclusion. Also, aiding in an advisory capacity is Mr. Elmer Fuglie of Winona (former Mazeppa resident).

Ore Oelkers is a part of the inventor and has actively taken a part in the manufacture of the truck.

Plans for manufacturing the hand truck are in process of organization at the present time.

Congratulations are offered the partners on their new unit and best wishes extended for their future operations.