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THE MAZEPPA JOURNAL, Editor and Publisher: Barbara and Reider Tommeraas

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1955 continued


Ken Atkinson has resigned his position as assistant cashier of First State Bank of Wabasha, effective Jan. 1. He accepted a position as a bank examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Ninth district, with headquarters in St. Paul.

Mr. Atkinson, has worked at the Wabasha bank for five and one-half years and prior to that at People’s State Bank, Mazeppa. He has been active in community affairs, adjutant of Post 50, American Legion at Wabasha, secretary of the Senior Chamber of Commerce, treasurer of the KC’s. He will continue to reside in Wabasha.

Local School Plat Rejected By State

Word was received Wednesday by Supt. F.G. Eimermann, through a copy of a letter sent to County Supt-Verma Olin, that approved of the plat for the consolidated school district here has been turned down by the state department of education.

The news came as a shock to local residents, because an earlier plat had been approved. Due to a technical error, however, it had to be resubmitted.

The state board listed several reason for the rejection---too small a valuation; too small enrollment; limited pupil potential and high cost of building a new school.

The department said the earlier approval had been set aside because of a change of attitude of local residents as expressed through letters, petitions etc. It recommended that Mazeppa seek a merger with nearby enlarged district.

We Don’t know What To Say

We were so shocked Wednesday at the news the state department of education had turned down the consolidated plat for the Mazeppa district that we feel a little numb. In that case, we would be wiser to simmer down a little before writing about it, but that isn’t the way human nature works.

A town without a high school, much as we hate to face it, is bound to go down hill. It’s apt to be too small for a newspaper and other business lines that are not having too easy a time of it in these times of rising costs.

Supt. Eimermann, the school board and a committee members, we feel, did all that was humanly possible to save the school and spent hours and days at the task.

And, after witnessing the work put into the Christmas operetta just last Thursday, we can only wonder if those who oppose it can possibly realize the blow they have struck Mazeppa and the entire surround area?


Village Mayorless Until January 10

The Village of Mazeppa has been in a peculiar situation since Jan. 1----it has no mayor.

In the village elections in December, J.B. Gregoire defeated the incumbent mayor, E. R. Hoefs. Neither man filed for the office. Mr. Gregoire refused to qualify for the office.

The council wrote to Attorney General Miles Lord regarding the situation, and he advised them it is only necessary for them to appoint a mayor and no special election is needed.

The council will appoint a mayor at its next meeting, Tuesday evening, Jan. 10.

Light- Power Rate Change Announced

The Mazeppa Light and Power Commission announces the following rate schedule in effect Jan. 1, 1956, for power and commercial users.

First 100 kilowatt hours per month at 5.3 cents per kilowatt hour

Next 300 kilowatt hours per month at 4.5 cents per kilowatt hour

Next 1500 kilowatt hours per month at 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour

Excess kilowatt hours per month at 2.7 cents per kilowatt hour

Minimum billing for single phase service $1.

Minimum billing for three-phase service, $3.

That’s Telling Her

Heard this via the grapevine:

Mark Schmitt wanted to go out to slide the other day, but his mother told him first he’d have to pick up a Christmas toy containing an awful number of parts.

He put his hands on his hips and said: “Who wrote that letter to Santa Claus for me?”

“I did,” his mother replied

“Well,” Mark replied logically- “You pick them up then.”