Letter to the Editor



I want to thank all the amazing and strong supporters of my Pam Altendorf for House Campaign! You know who you are, whether you donated financially, spoken with me, prayed for me, cheered me on, volunteered your time, or have done some other kind/thoughtful gesture…YOU have encouraged me and made a difference these last two months!

A very special thank you to the Delegates who sacrificed your entire Saturday to be at the Republican Endorsement Convention to vote! My supporters made a strong statement! After a very long day, you could have chosen to quit and go home, but you showed your unwavering commitment by staying and holding the line! After that 3rd vote, and you all HELD, I knew exactly how dedicated you were to keeping me in this race! My heartfelt speech showed that I am a LEADER who will never give up! I am the Candidate that will FIGHT for the people, FIGHT for what is right, FIGHT for Minnesotans, no matter how long or how difficult the task may be....I think most who were there with an open-mind, caught a glimpse of my spirit and passion to serve you and this District on Saturday!

Per the rules, neither Candidate reached 60% and that moves this race to the Primary Election on August 9th.  I respect this process and I look forward to meeting the citizens of District 20A and allowing THE PEOPLE to decide!  Follow me: linktr.ee/PamAltendorf

Pam Altendorf