Mazeppa City Council Approves 3% Levy Increase


At the December council meeting the members approved the 2024 levy of $405,045, which is an increase of nearly $12,000 over 2023. Some of the items creating the budget increase are the cost of county sheriff patrol, cost of living and wage increases for city employees and an increase in parks and street maintenance.

Water and sewer rates increase from 2023 effective on the first of the year. The new rates will be a $19.00 base fee for water with a .0035 per gallon. The sewer rate is a $36.00 base fee and .00755 per gallon. The cost for bulk water will increase to $25.00 per thousand gallons for 2024.

The Mazeppa Fire Relief Association presented a donation of $30,519 from the 2023 Mazeppa Daze raffle.