Missy’s Managing the Manor

Procrastination - What “To Do’s” have you been putting off?


After Monty’s graduation party in 2020, we rarely entertain at our house. I have lingering items on my to do list I would like to get done “eventually”. The longest running on my to-do list is to fix the holes in a few of our window and patio door screens. I even went so far as to buy a couple screen patch kits last year. I forgot where I put them, then found them again, but still have not used them. We have solar deck lights that are three years old (new for the graduation party) and need some attention, because they don’t all work anymore. We have a couple outdoor lights that are faded to an awful rusty black color, we bought spray paint for, and haven’t painted yet. Another job is window cleaning, and do we ever have a lot of windows! A few years back I ordered an “ecloth” to clean the windows. I have seen them at Menards, and they work awesome! No chemicals, just two rags, one to get wet to wash the window and the other to wipe it dry, streak free. No excuses washing windows, because with these rags, they make it so simple!

All these tasks won’t even take long. We have the supplies to do them, just waiting on some nicer weather to tackle them!

After two straight days of organizing my house January 1st and 2nd, I told myself the rest of winter I would focus on snowmobiling as much as we could and getting our tax stuff together. Snowmobile trails are closed and tax time has come and gone. Time to and change some “to-dos” to “to-done”. Make a smaller list of what you’ve been putting off, and I challenge you, get it done!

Stay tuned for next month’s topic: Speed cleaning habits/chores/routines.

There’s so much to do, so little time. Bye for now!