Missy’s Managing the Manor

Traveling with a carryon (backpack only for 4 nights)!


SEPTEMBER--It’s my birthday month, along with Mike’s two sisters, and their parents anniversary, so we are headed on a family vacation to Arizona for five days and four nights. I found $69 flights on Sun Country! We decided since it would most likely be hot (except when we go to Sedona for a couple days), we could travel with a backpack (personal item under the seat) and opt out of the extra charge for a carryon.

So, what to bring?

We will be wearing tennis shoes, jeans, and sweatshirts to save on room in the bag. We always carry-on our luggage, so we already have the toiletries figured out to a small clear travel airplane-safe bag. One swimsuit/pair of swim trunks for the trip and a pair of flip flops each. Years ago, I made Mike wear flip flops because if he had sandals, they would take up too much room! I think he actually likes them when it’s hot out now. I usually pack MotoProz t-shirts, so we can both wear them if we need an extra shirt. Mike will have 3 pairs of shorts, and I’ll have 3 pairs of stretch tech joggers that literally take up no room along with one pair of shorts. I’ll take a book, a small purse, passports, and can’t forget my prescriptions. We will have access to a washing machine, so we will be able to wash clothes if need be, but not planning on it.

Stay tuned for next month’s topic: Do it now

There’s so much to do, so little time. Bye for now!