Missy's Managing the Manor

Too Many T-Shirts!


How many t-shirts are too many? My husband Mike mainly wears a t-shirt. It is rare you see him in anything else, even when it is 0 degrees out. At home, we each have our own walk-in closet, so he’s on his own with his closet organization. He has always been organized. When a t-shirt gets too many holes in it (from working with batteries and the battery acid at MotoProz), I tell him it is time to toss the shirt!

At our cabin we share a closet. Many days during the summer we do not leave the cabin, so we don’t really care what the shirt looks like. I decided it is time to try a couple different storage methods, so I can see what works best for t-shirt storage. I bought some totes with a handle to pull out of our closet, a couple short hanging sweater holders, and a hanging shoe organizer to see what works best.

I’ve been putting this project off literally for months. It only took me 1 ½ hours, and it’s so much more organized. I used all the shirts that were there, and didn’t downsize a thing. We can now see everything! All of the organizers worked great for the space.

Stay tuned for next month’s topic: Electronic organizing.

There’s so much to do, so little time. Bye for now!