Missy's Message



What to do for exercise when it’s so cold out?!? My walking partner Jenny and I knew it was going to be too cold to walk outside the week of January 14th, so we decided to take the week off and not walk outside. My favorite coffee trailer down the street was also closed because of the cold. I still walked our son Monty’s dog Maisy, but went for much shorter walks, and I wore my long underwear. Tuesday evening, I participated in an online Zumba class via Zoom which you can get in lots of steps with Zumba. I signed up for a couple yoga classes this cold week also. I walked a lot around MotoProz and chased the dog inside (no one saw me that I know of except the MotoProz family who are used to it). When Maisy gets bored and I’m working on my computer, she comes over and bumps me. That means it’s time to chase her around the store! I get a lot of extra steps chasing her around the store. It was so cold, I did not want to get up and exercise in the morning and opted to sleep in, which meant I had to commit to exercising at night to make up for it. Nothing wrong with exercising at night, as long as you do it!

Memo from MotoProz…

It’s time to order the 2025 Arctic Cat snowmobiles; the all-new 858 motor in the Arctic Cat Catalyst that everyone has been waiting for!