Zumbro Falls City Council Meeting - April 10, 2024


Zumbro Falls City Council Minutes - April 10, 2024

Zumbro Falls Council met at City Hall. Present at the meeting were all council members, Fire Chief,Scott Kennedy and Darla Oelkers.

The meeting was called to order by the mayor at 6PM.

Clerk read to council the minutes from the March meeting that were accepted as read with a motion from Anderson, seconded Bankers, all in favor, carried.

Treasurer’s report followed with a motion to accept as reported by Benson, seconded Anderson, all in

favor carried.

Darla presented the council with details on the scoreboard for Cardinal Park. Donations have been received and bids for the project explained. A few bids are yet to get for the project. Darla will keep the council updated. The Lake City Lakesters Car Club will be holding their 5th annual car show in Zumbro Falls on June 1st or do to rain on June 2nd. Council approved the event and stated the city will supply the construction toilet and the availability to use the City Hall restrooms. The City will also pay for a DJ if the Club wants to have music at the event.

Scott updated the council with Fire Department business. Two new turnouts will be arriving sometime in August or September to be paid with money set aside in the City general fund from the State Covid Fund.

Council decided to not waive the statutory tort limits on the insurance renewal, due In July of this year, on the property and liability insurance policy. This agreed with a motion from Benson, seconded Anderson, all in favor, carried.

Discussion was made concerning the Community Garden. It was decided the City would offer use to Zumbro Falls residents on a free use basis providing only water. It will be the responsibility of all gardeners for the preparing, maintaining, and removal of all debris at the end of gardening season.

Bruce is getting bids to repair the groundwater situation at the ponds. This needed to satisfy the

inspection from the MPCA. Council also agreed that Gillford Township could list the City Hall as a backup location for election voting.

A motion for the meeting to adjourn and the Clerk to pay bills presented was made by Benson, seconded Anderson, all in favor, carried.

Submitted by,

Susan Eischens, Clerk