Clerk Chatter


Change is inevitable. Change of season, change of plans, change all around us. This summer, there were noticeable changes occurring in our community. A few more areas received sidewalk upgrades, the riverbank restoration and aquatic habitat improvement was completed, and park volunteer projects were added on to or improved. Other utility providers improved their infrastructure to provide better connectivity or electrical reliability. Sometimes change is messy, inconvenient, and unpredictable. When it is completed, the memory fades, and the services we rely on keep coming to us as we expect. We trust that they are more reliable and more efficient than what was previously in place.

Whether a corporate entity or a City Council, people decide when change needs to happen. They use all types of tools to aid in making decisions of what needs to be improved and when an improvement or replacement needs to be made. If we waited for something to break, we waited too long, and would create a greater inconvenience and cost. There are more needs to be addressed, more tools to be replaced, more training to be provided. The City tries to use the funds entrusted to us to keep providing reliable services and infrastructure and use the tools available to us to prioritize projects and equipment. The projects from this summer were planned well in advance, other issues may have cropped up that need to be addressed, and we will get them repaired or replaced. If you let us know what you see, we may have a plan for it or can even change the plan if the need arises.